Get organized with groups.

Within each church you can find a vast number of different groups. These include bible studies, clubs, teams, committees, small groups, and more. Church Social helps groups get organized and communicate more easily online.
Create a directory of all your church's groups.
Send messages to groups.
Setup group schedules.
Share group files.
Illustration of a church Bible study

Increase attendance.

Church Social makes it easy for members to see all the various bible studies, clubs and committees within the congregation. This awareness can help increase attendance.
Screenshot of the groups page

Send messages to groups.

Need to send an email to your group? No problem. Church Social lets you send messages only to the members of a specific group.
Screenshot of the new message page

Share committee files.

Groups can create their own private file folders in Church Social. This can be especially helpful for church committees who want a safe, central place to store files.
Screenshot of creating a file folder for a group

"As a pastor, I use Church Social frequently to communicate with individuals within the church and especially to send group emails to the whole church or selected groups within it (e.g. my Catechism classes)."

Rev. Rob Schouten
Pastor of the Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church in British Columbia

Take it for a test drive.

There's no better way to learn if Church Social is right for your church than to actually try it. There's no credit card required.
Have questions? Please email us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to answer them.